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We Help Brands Succeed on Twitch.

Monitor your brand's performance in video game live streaming utilizing Stream Hatchet's robust data analytics platform and reporting services.

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A pie graph of the market share for the top 5 energy drinks on Twitch for April 2022

Measuring Brand Market Share

Our 24/7 Twitch Tracker measures 5,000 brands across hundreds of channels, measuring the average logo presence of your brand. Break it down by industry and category to get a more detailed look at how you stack up against your competition. 

Monster Energy is dominating the live streaming market with 40% of the Energy Drink category logo presence share on Twitch last month, appearing in 352 unique channels! 

Market-Level Brand Exposure Valuation

Our in-house logo recognition software tracks your brand across Twitch and measures your impact. Monitor number of exposures, viewer impressions, and Earned Media Value for both paid and organic exposures on Twitch. 

Red Bull and Monster Energy impressions on a live stream on Twitch.
Red Bull, G-Fuel, and Monster Energy were the most-mentioned energy drinks on Twitch in April 2022.

Audience Conversation Measurement

Monitor brand affinity in Twitch chat, with historical data to measure growth and see how you stack up against the competition. Our algorithms capture different variations of brand names and the data team qualifies ambiguous mentions to glean the highest quality data. 

  "Delivering" Campaign Reporting to Grubhub

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Choose either the Enterprise or Pro tool to access our powerful SaaS tool. Includes insights into top games, streamers, brands, esport events, and more across 16 platforms & counting.

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In-depth reporting solutions customized to your business, live streaming activations, and influencer campaigns. Let our analysts handle the data so you can focus on growth. 

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Custom packages to gain maximum insights for the lowest price. Bundle our Software, Reporting solutions, and data from Sideqik to include insights from the top social media platforms.